“So Skylar, critics and fans alike have been raving about your new album, Things I’ve Loved, which is available this coming Friday. It’s been touted as a break up album, is that true?”
Skylar smiled sadly, “I guess you could say that. It definitely tells a story”
“And what story is that?”
“You’ll have to buy and listen to the album,” the two laughed, “But honestly if you listen to all the songs in order, it does tell a story”
“Now your first single is called Addiction, where in the story does this one fit?”
Skylar laughed, “Good question, it’s towards the end”
“Explosion Theory’s last album, September, was mostly love songs are the two albums centered around the same relationship?”
“They are. September was really the beginning and the honeymoon stage of that relationship. There were a few angsty songs on that album but mostly it was rose colored glasses. Things I’ve Loved is really when you see the relationship for what it was and it’s a lot darker and emotional and raw than September.  I wrote the majority of Things I’ve Loved in a drunken haze one weekend. I called the boys when I finally sobered up and said, ‘hey I just wrote all this stuff, let’s get together and make another album’ and they were all on board and we started putting it together that week.”
“So if this is a break up album is it safe to assume your single?”
Skylar laughed again, “I am”
“I’m sure the female fans are excited to hear that. I know I am” Kelsi gave him a flirtatious smile “We’ll be continuing our interview with Skylar Blake after the commercial but first, I’d like to introduce the debut of Explosion Theory’s first single of their new album, Things I’ve Loved. This is  ‘Addiction’ ”